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Username Post: Paid NCAA Athletes - Name, Image, or Likeness
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07-01-21 12:53 PM - Post#325111    

I've been reading about the major changes that were largely forced upon the NCAA by the Supreme Court's antitrust ruling. Personally, I think that the coaches, AD's, and larger universities have been riding on the coattails of hoops and football players for a LONG time. If a head coach is being paid $5,000,000 per year, why shouldn't a player make some money and help his family? It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

Will we say the name, image, or likeness (N.I.L.) of a Bison player on a billboard on Rt. 15? How about Bull Run Inn radio ads?

I'm also wondering if this will force PL and Ivy schools to eventually move down to D3 since it may become even more and more difficult to recruit against the bigger conferences. abask...
New season, new team, new dream . . .

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07-02-21 01:14 AM - Post#325119    

Bucknell’s announcement about how it’s positioned for the new era: -at...
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07-02-21 08:40 AM - Post#325125    

Universities are changing and about half of them will fold, half will double to triple their tuition, and a few of those will be monstrous powerhouses. Bucknell will have to position itself to survive and I think they will make the cut. The once innocent collegiate athletic programs will still be intact, but a capitalist attitude will ink the waters with only a few athletes nationwide making millions and the other wannabes trying but getting washed out in a saturated instagram purgatory. A smart kid making the big dance should do something crazy and then capitalize on the fame. I'll buy the NFT of the Duke guy dancing in his underwear in the eighties, whats the bidding start at?
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07-02-21 06:50 PM - Post#325140    

Neoliberalism has been trying to extract profit from public good and services since Nixon. This is how that is manifesting itself in collegiate athletics. However I don’t think that’s the whole story.

Baseball figured it out best in my opinion. You can have two paths to pursue the same goal. Of course baseball is also the worst example of late stage capitalism of the sports.

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