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I don’t quite agree with the mob analogy, but I also think some criticism is warranted and certainly allowed in a fan forum. Even at Bucknell.

Indeed, it is, Phillie. And there has been plenty of criticism expressed here, a lot of it, I would say, deservedly so. But, this thread is entitled, "Fire ND!". I think you would agree that's a step up from "some criticism". To say nothing of the fact that it ain't gonna happen for quite some time, if ever. So I suggest people freely bring their gripes and otherwise express their frustrations. I get that people want to win, but there's a reason we're in the Patriot League, folks. Not at all costs.

Agree absolutely. “Fire ND,” that’s crazy, and the kind of thing you’d expect to find on the HC board. As long as I can remember, and that is about as long as anyone on the board, Bucknell has never fired a men’s hoops coach. This board played a role in getting a women’s hoops coach fired, but that was for a lot more than just losing. Nuff said about that.

Four winning seasons for ND, four straight PL titles and we are going to fire him for one losing season? And to boot, this is with two of the most highly rated recruits in Bucknell history poised to attend. I would have to say, that the highest rated recruit ( at the time of commitment)of the Paulsen era was Cam Ayers. Now Muscala turned out to be the all time great, but he was not even the highest rated recruit in his class. That would have been Joe Willman, who turned out to be pretty darn good in his own right.

My point is, at our level recruits are largely a crap shoot. If college recruiters knew how good Muscala would become, he’d probably been a Gopher instead of a Bison. Nana was a raw talent but new to the game, and somewhat of an unknown. Those are the kind of breaks you need to get in the PL, but they don’t happen every year.

ND has a record, and before this year it did not include losing. I’m all for being able to express ones opinion on this board. God knows I’ve expressed enough of them over the past 15 years. And my opinion on this issue is that “Fire ND” is not a reasonable discussion at this time.

Btw, fwiw in response to Candyfan, no disrespect but I thought that the 2008 team that Coach DP went 8-23 with had a lot better talent than that record indicated. Enoch Andoh came in as one of Bucknell’s highest rated recruits ever and DP turned him into a benchwarmer. Classic case of forcing the coach’s system on the players as opposed to playing the system that suited the talent on hand imo.
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