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    In response to raybucknell12

Ray B, I already replied to this on the other thread. That said, I didn’t say I know why he transferred. I was responding to 137 who said he Talked to people who said he didn’t like the offense or defense. He’s now voted with his feet. Good for him.

What I find interesting is your taking exception to me, and assailing me by wrongly stating that I either said, or conjectured about, WHY he transferred. I did not. On the other hand it’s clear it ok to conjecture that he left because of the coaching staff. Bit of a double standard but not important.

Let’s be clear however. If the kid is leaving his junior year BEFORE the 1x rule has officially sanctioned then OF COURSE he’s blaming it on the coaching staff. Only other real possibility is his girlfriend is transferring to OSU.

Let’s look at the facts. I agree with what someone else (Mr Phillie?) already said in that he was the best all around player on the team. Also my personal favorite as I saw so much of myself in the kid. That said, he didn’t make the PL 1st, 2nd or 3rd team all league. The answer seems to be to transfer to the B10. To what end? Another year of basketball? When Chris Haas was a freshman he sat on the bench while Ryan F, Ryan Hill and Casper played in front of him. I called that backcourt “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight”. I love Dave P but it was one of the most egregious coaching decisions I’d ever seen. I went to Charles Lee 5x and said WTF? Chris waited for his time and had an excellent career as we all know.

The reality is he was the starting PG and played 30 mpg (?) and took any shot he liked (like everyone else for that matter), So what’s the beef exactly? When we are children and in early adulthood and something isn’t 109% to our liking the first inclination is for us to look externally. It’s endemic at that stage of life. Growth involves maturity and maturity involves introspection...it’s tough to get honest but that is exactly where growth happens. The world is filled with people that need someone else to blame...it’s the coaches fault...it’s the bosses fault - if we’re not getting the result we want then someone beside us has to be at fault. Tough way to go through life.

Steven Casper couldn’t shoot a lick but he sure learned to be a competitor. BU won the PL because Mahoney is 2x the competitor than Ivanauskas.

You want to win the PL again. Find kids that look internally

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